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Fire Damage Repair Following An Explosion In A Reading Warehouse

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Below you can read details about a recent job we undertook in Reading. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our services, you get in touch via our contact page or by following the links at the bottom of this page.

Fire Damage Repair In Reading

Vinci Response Services were called to the site of an explosion at a coach station in Reading.

Download the PDF version here.

1.0 Property

The coach station is split into three areas:

– the workshop
– coach store
– the offices

2.0 Incident

The fire started in the coach store and smoke migrated into the adjoining areas, with associated soot deposition, surface residues and characteristic smoke odours.

As the blaze started in the coach store it was the worst affected area in need of fire damage repair.

However, the other areas still needed cleaning and to be checked for signs of hidden damage.

3.0 Observations

3.1 Explosion Site

Surface residues and loose soot deposition are present to all horizontal and vertical surfaces. There was also large pieces of debris scattered across the floor which also needed to be cleared.

3.2 Workshop

Surface residues and loose soot deposition present but to lesser degree.

3.3 Coach Store

Coach Store

Surface residues and loose soot are evident on wall and fixtures.

3.4 Office Area

Various materials are affected, areas of concern include hidden areas such as partition walls and ceiling tiles.

3.5 Exterior


Cladding which has soot damage.

4.0 Conclusion

Based on the initial site assessment we recommended that:

  1. All affected internal fixtures, light fittings and services etc. be safely and completely removed, disposed of and replaced with new due to the effects of incident-related contaminants/conditions, or inspected by a suitable engineer who will be or provide a warranty or guarantee to their on-going safe operation.
  2. Exposed internal and external structural elements are assessed and remediated/restored (decontaminated/cleaned) in preparation for reinstatement.

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